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De Wereld van witte de with ’11

International Arts festival De Wereld van Witte de With is the traditional opening of the cultural season in Rotterdam. This years theme ‘The victory of the bottom-up approach’ referred to the ‘do it yourself mentality’. The festival presents a colourful range of young European and Dutch artists. The artists who have been invited, aim to go beyond the boundaries of the every-day, passive experience of the urban environment: they are actively looking for the city’s hidden potential and offering valuable, critical insights. The artists will challenge their audience with unusual, unfamiliar experiences of the public space – involvement through alienation.

The anti-authoritarian practices presented by The World of the Witte de With mark the strategic victory of the bottom-up approach in understanding and experiencing the city as opposed to the functional top-down strategies of urban planning.

To translate this theme into a campaign and identity StudioSpass came up with the plan to design 230 unique posters. The series displays 230 interventions and visual attacks on the festivals corporate identity.


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